Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh happy day!

Tis been a long time since my last post! Im going to give you the run down of the past few months.

First things first! I have no camera!!! Ahhh. I thought my whole world was gonna crumble. Well not really, but I have been missing taking pictures whenever I see something insanely amazing, which is most of the time. So, what I have been doing is taking pictures from the phone and using this instgram. I love it! At first I was a lil' eh about it for some strange reason. Who cares its fun and simple to use!

Yesterday my mom and I went on a nice walk with our doggies. It was way hot here down in Florida! So, as we are literally a block away from the house, there was this random puddle on the corner of the street a good 5 inches deep. My dog, Addisson, took one look at it and it was on. She started rolling around  like crazy having a blast! Getting covered in mud with who knows what with that big dumb bully smile on her face. Some lady stopped by in her car and said seeing that made her day! It was just too stinkin adorable. My moms dog, charlie, tried to fit it he went as far as just laying on his belly for a second then getting back up. Rolling around wasn't his thing. After a gods 5 minuets of Addisson having all the fun she could have in that puddle we walked back home and she was just too damn happy being covered in all that mud.

Oh also something new, I'm pregnant! I'm have a baby girl and her name is going to be Stella Tara Lynn Debouse. I am 23 weeks, almost 6 months! I found out on my birthday, january 24th. Oh whatta surprise that was! It has been such an amazing experience. Its just really neat to feel my Stella moving around, and to know that my body is working its magic to make my baby grow. I have decided to do a water birth at a midwife birth center in Dunedin called Labor of Love. Everything has been great this place is beautiful! Just what I have been looking for. The midwife is just amazing and everyone at that place is so helpful. I will show pictures next post!
Another great thing is my baby and I are completely healthy! Thanks to ViSalus! Their shakes have helped me maintain a healthy weight gain, which is 3-4lbs a month. My blood sugar levels are great everything else is just phenomenal. I have diabetes that runs in my family and being already obese I was scared to get gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. But since I've lost 22 lbs before my pregnancy, been able to maintain the healthy weight gain, been able to keep energy and workout (yoga, walk and crossfit) and been having healthier choices naturally. I have NO signs any where on getting gestational diabetes.

That goes onto my next thing on what I do for a living! Well, I don't think that may be the right word for it. Hell there are really no words to describe something so amazing. I promote total well being with americas #1 health challenge ! This is how I roll! I help people change their lives one 90 day challenge at a time, whether its to help them lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, maintain nutrition,  enhance their athletic performance, or help them financially! This is litterally for anybody and Any Body. In my family alone and on my moms first 90 day challenge we lost a total combined of 107 lbs! I lost 22 lbs, my mom lost 13, my nana lost 45, and my boyfriend lost 30! This was my MOMS first 90 day challenge on her shape kit. Then my mom put her foot down and said ' Ok everyone needs their own kit!' So we did. So to this day my nana has lost a total of 75lbs, mom 20 lbs, my boyfriend 35. We are all on our own kit, except  my boyfriend which he will be soon. This has also changed our lives financially my mom Wrote it the best way in her blog!

Thats what has been mainly going on and it has been an amazing ride! I will defiantly be posting a lot more about my progress with my baby, my company, my photography and much much more!

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  1. GOLLY I love this new design and FONT!!! i love that you FINALLY have quenched my thirst for a new Blog and I love YOU!!