Thursday, May 17, 2012

House Hunting: Mainly Tarpon Springs.

Boy do I LOVE house hunting! You see so many and its so hard to chose! We have done much searching and pre-paving designs for our lil' home. Mainly looking in Tarpon Springs/Holiday area. I'm absolutely in love with Tarpon. Its funny how when I use to live there I always knew it was beautiful but never really saw the true beauty. After living away from Tarpon for about 5 years I see everything totally different. Literally I'll be walking down grand in tarpon on the way to the bayou and I am in total awe and bliss. It's kinda refreshing because when I move back it will be a total different mindset on how I look at things.

Here are some photo's of mine from Tarpon. Not many some are old and some are new. And all based around the Bayou... I think I must take new photo's of all around Tarpon. :)


These are taken By others.

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  1. At teh prefect Moment, the perfect home(s) will be made available to us and everything will work out perfectly because they always do!