Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And nows the time, the time is now

100 days of anything and everything!
I am starting a journey of nothing but manifesting a whole lotta things. 
My mom, boyfriend, and many others are doing these 100 days. 
I am in this Facebook group call "Law of Attraction Results"
Its an awesome group of such positive energy not one negative thing at all.
My mom joined this group about a lil over a month ago. 
She was always talking about that LOA and how awesome it is.
I have always known there was something about being in the vortex but never understood the source.
This has definitely widened my vision from what I already knew.

So, saying that I wanted to share with you the things I will be receiving through out these 100 days.

It is definitely time to get my G.E.D and finally move on.

~Enroll into an Art school.
My dream school is School of visual Arts in NYC but I would Not mind MECA either!

~Drivers License
Lmao, I know I'm 19 and still don't have a license, But I am way ready to have one. That leads to the next thing...

~A car, 
preferably a muscle car in perfect condition and has to be purple and black.

~Dell studio Laptop.

~Lawn Mower
John deer.

~Enough money for anything and anything!

~Leads on to getting an apartment in Portland Maine.
(I will settle for this house Until then.)

~ I want paint and lots of it 
so I could re-do the whole house and make it the exact colors I want :)

~ Get 200 followers on my 
Dream withing a Dream Like page and Blog.
So with that takes many more photos!

~A boom box 6 CD changer
Plus CDs to go with.
~A tattoo of somethign. I am going to draw out what I want :)

~ Oh! Can't forget loose 50-100lbs!

This list is my top priority from now on. I can't wait to share with you the results!
I will be blogging every day of the 100 days.

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