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Most Healthiest Foods EVER!

Who loves food? I LOVE food! And I'm sure everyone here does too!
Now I can get all in depth about trying new foods, experiencing new 
flavors, but have we really sat down and thought about the Healthiest food ever? 
I know some healthy foods but I'm not an expert in the HEALTHIEST. 
Now I gotta say, I'm pretty freakin proud of myself because the majority of the foods
 I'm about to list to you, I have them quite often. So hooray! 

Numero Uno: Spinach 

I freaking love to have Spinach with almost everything! The benefits are just whoa!
Right away spinach is going to go to work for you, providing you with energy, and helping you to fill your stomach without adding a lot of calories to your daily intake. When you factor in the phytonutrients working as antioxidants you’re doing yourself a huge favor with the battle against free radical damage. Not to mention you’re helping to nourish your body on a cellular level, providing increased energy, and it aids any weight loss efforts.

Vitamin Breakdown per Cup – Raw, think fresh leafy greens
Vitamin A – 2813 IU – over half of what you need daily.
Vitamin K – 145mcg – almost twice as much as needed daily.
Folate – 58.2mcg – a good chunk of your daily requirement.

Numero Dos: Goji Berries

I'm gonna be honest, I don't believe I have ever had a Goji Berry, I know right!
 Well, guess whats being added to my grocery list. 
Your immune system gets a dose of support when you eat a serving of goji berries, and you’ll also be helping yourself beat the onslaught of free radicals that occur as a result of a stressful environment and processed foods that don’t offer nutritional support to the body. The benefit that most of us would be interested in is the ability of goji berries to help us fight fatigue. It’s no wonder that our modern lifestyles have us burning the candle at both ends, and by eating a food like these berries you’ll be increasing the amount of time it takes you to wear out.

Vitamin Breakdown per Ounce – Dried, the most commonly found version.
Vitamin A – 170% of your daily value.
Vitamin C – 20% not quite as good as an orange, but still good.
Protein – 4g – a surprising amount of protein for a fruit.

Numero Tres: Salmon

OH boy do I love to get Salmon! I love to have it particularly with rice, but of course there are other amazing recipes for such a wonderful fish,
For those of you that are strength training, salmon will provide support to your muscle tissue with the protein it contains. The reason the omega-3s are so important is that they provide vital support to your heart and circulatory system. You’ll also receive tertiary benefits in the form of increased memory function and a decrease in the likelihood of degenerative diseases like Alzheimers. It also helps to make your skin and hair look their best.

Vitamin Breakdown per 100g – wild Alaskan, seek this out specifically.
Vitamin A – 9% of your daily needs.
Vitamin B1 – 13% of what you need each day, helps with heart health.
Protein – 20g – making this a fantastic protein source for those lifting weights.
Niacin – 42% of your daily needs, helps to keep your skin and hair tip-top.

Numero Cuatro: Avocado

It's pretty sad, but I cannot really enjoy Avocado as much as I use too. Ever since being pregnant with Stella, I get horrible stomach aches. I can use it as a paste to a wrap but that's as far as I can go. BUT that doesn't mean YOU can't enjoy the wonderfulness of Avocado's!
One of the most referenced benefits of avocado is their amounts of healthy monounsaturated fat. It’s interesting that this is a high-fat fruit, as most of them are very low fat or fat free. These fats actually help you to lose fat, if that’s what you’re trying to do. They also help you to feel fuller longer, and are not the same sort of fats found in a cheeseburger. The carotenoid levels help with eye health, and avocados in general will help stabilize your blood glucose levels so you don’t hit dangerous peaks and valleys.

Vitamin Breakdown per 100g – Raw
Monounsaturated fat – 10g – This means roughly 10% of the avocado is healthy fat!

Vitamin B6 – 16% of what you need daily for proper metabolism.
Folate – 22% of your daily requirement, for heart disease prevention.

Numero Cinco: Quinoa 

This is another food that I really haven't added to my grocery list yet. I know it's delicious!

You’re getting a quality protein without the cholesterol and fat that can come with animal sources. You’re also getting smart carbs that don’t register very highly on the Glycemic Index, so your body can process them without converting them to fat later. On top of that it doesn’t contain much fat, so you can eat this when following a weight loss plan, and it also keeps you under the limit for calories if you’re watching those.

Vitamin Breakdown per Cup
Fat – 1.9g – A low fat count and low calorie count make this a winner for dieters.
Folate – !0% of your daily requirement, good for maintaining a healthy heart.
Protein 4.4g – A relatively high protein level for a grain.

Numero Seis: Broccoli 

I don't have this as much as I really should, but I freaking LOVE Broccoli! One of my favorite veggies!
The fiber in broccoli will help keep things in order, digestively speaking, and it is a good non-dairy source of calcium. The Vitamin C that one serving contains is all that you need for the day, and this will help your body stave off illnesses. The Vitamin K it has doesn’t get much press but is important if you want to keep your bones healthy. It’s great for your eyes and your heart, and can even help to keep cancer away.

Vitamin Breakdown per 100g – Raw
Vitamin C – 150% of your daily recommendation, so you’re more than covered.
Vitamin B6 – 10% of what you need to keep your metabolism strong.
Fiber – 2.6g – May not seem like a lot, but it’s a tenth of your daily needs.

Numero Siete: Kelp

Holy cow, did I use to eat a lot of kelp as a kid! Every time we went to the beach up North I would find some and eat it! I don't eat them as much as I use to but I definitely know they are good for you.
Depending on who you ask there are varying benefits to kelp. Be sure that you’re getting your information from a source that isn’t trying to sell you a kelp supplement. The calcium in kelp appears to be what gets the spotlight, outdoing one of the most commonly thought of food items when it comes to calcium: milk. It also features an assortment of vitamins and minerals, and since it comes from the ocean, it’s a different makeup than land-based vegetables, with different varieties of phytonutrients.

Vitamin Breakdown per Cup
Folate – 396mcg – almost too much, so you don’t have to eat a lot.
Vitamin K – 145mcg – covers you for the day, and then some, so one serving is enough.
Sodium – 513mg – one potential drawback to consider if on a low-sodium diet.

Numero Ocho: Grapefruit

I don't think anyone loves Grapefruit as much as my Mom! Our neighbors had a grapefruit tree that we always picked from. Same in our back yard, but then the tree died. 
We do need to have more of this for sure.
The high levels of Vitamin C and carotenoids are what gives grapefruit its bang for the buck. The reason it’s can be such a healthy start to your day is because it’s giving your body a one up on all the free radicals that might be present, or that might be introduced as you go about your day. If you make this part of your daily routine, you can work to prevent things like cancer and other degenerative diseases because you helped your body stay fighting strong day by day.

Vitamin Breakdown per 100g
Vitamin A – 23% – While Vitamin C gets a lot of attention, A is also important.
Vitamin C – 52% – Not bad, getting half your needs met with one serving.
Fiber – 1.6g – Considered a good source of fiber as well.

Numero Nueve: Artichokes

I can eat artichoke by the bunch! Especially all over pizza!
Not to put too fine a point on it, your insides simply love artichokes. It helps with all sorts of digestive issues, and the fiber it contains keep things moving for you. They also have a healthy dose of Vitamin C, not enough to get you through the day, been when added to an already health-conscious diet you’ll find that it’s easier to meet all of your needs.

Vitamin Breakdown per 100g
Vitamin C – 20% of what’s needed each day for most adults.
Protein – 3.3g – Another good source of plant-based protein.
Fiber – 5.4g – A fifth of the fiber needed each day. Be sure to mix it up!

Numero Diez: Black Beans

Black beans are my favorite beans of all time. It literally can go with ANYTHING. 
It’s commonly understood that fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, but surprisingly enough black beans contain them as well. Beans in general are good to add to your diet, as they are a carbohydrate that is digested more slowly, so you feel fuller longer and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. This is crucial for those that have been told they run the risk of getting diabetes, and it also helps weight loss efforts which brings a host of additional benefits. They also contain fiber which helps to regulate your digestive system.

Vitamin Breakdown per 100g
Calcium – 6% – A great non-dairy source of calcium.
Protein – 8.2g – This represents a great source of non-animal protein.
Fat – 0.3g – The low fat content of black beans is great for maintaining a healthy weight.

I got all this wonderful information from 20 Healthiest Food on Earth.
Do you have this regularly on your grocery list? If you read the article shared, which one is your favorite to have?
Comment below! Thank you!

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  2. OMG! I Love All of These Food!! And Im sure you have Had Gogi in A Supplement Before! Great Blog Post Sara!!

    1. Yes! Maybe but I don't think I've had dried goji's though,

  3. Love Avocado, Spinach, Quinoa and Salmon! I've never had Goji Berries either lol! Don't think any grocery store near me sells them... the only thing with Salmon is to make sure it is Ocean Fresh and not from a Fish Farm or anything like that.. even salmon and other types of fish can be unhealthy in certain conditions. Great post!