Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Merrily We Meet: Week 2

Stella again had oh so much fun with everyone! 
Met some new faces and enjoyed playing and running. 
This Morning before we got going out into the world.
Cart Pushin' Time!
Today was definitely a lot of fun. She wasn't in the mood to sing a long to the songs, which was cute.
Stella was fast and snuck over to the Kindergarten side of the play ground. 
They have a little play house and she just loves those things, 
I need to get on asap for her. 
Any who I hope you enjoyed this little montage of pictures. 
I think I should bring my actual camera next time. 

Oh on a quick note, Suncoast Waldorf is having A Day of Enchantment on April 25th
So if you are close by you should definitely go! 
Mom will be able to come with me and finally see the school for herself. I can't wait!
day of enchantment

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