Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Time to do the Dirty...DE-CLUTTERING

Ugh, ew, I know it can be a hell of a pain in the ass.
 Especially if your house has just gotten a little bit to cluttered over time that doing a de-clutter looks ridiculous, trust me I am GUILTY of this.
Then you notice you've just been feeling like straight shit lately, 
you feel tired, and your energy is just out the window. 
You already do all the things that you do to help relieve stress and promote energy but it's just not as effective. Then, AHA! Your house, office, bedroom, etc. 
is just a little bit more crazy then you thought. It's that time, and
 what better time than now! 

Clutter builds for many reasons.
A few big emotional reasons clutter can build into a mountain:
-Low self esteem and self-destructive behavior


-Lack of structure

-Shock or grief that's never been handled

-Fear of failure or success

-Lack of focus

-Draining relationships



And the list goes on.
Do you know what's hiding beneath your clutter?
The wild thing about clearing clutter is that in the excavation of the mountain of mess, the emotional patterns tend to unwind as the piles shrink and clear space is created. Even if you don't know when or how it began, as you clean up your space you're likely to find many other things shift around you in your life.
The emotions stuffed away in those drawers, woven into those bad habits, piled up in closets … they don't always elegantly unfold and get sorted into bins and baskets. Sometimes they blow up in chaos and catch you unaware and tempt you to abandon your clutter-clearing mission.
Ironically, when all sorts of seemingly unrelated chaos and heavy emotions pop up while creating order, this is how I know that the clutter clearing is really working!
If you've ever done a juice cleanse or switched your diet for health reasons you're probably aware of the detox phenomenon where things get seemingly worse before they get better. No one expects to get a cold when they switch to a healthier way of eating but it sometimes happens as part of the process.
The same goes for you and your clutter. The clearing of stagnant stuff you don't need is a detox for your home, so don't get scared by the temporary chaos that might pop up.
Yes: a little turbulence is a sign that you are making some big headway in truly de-cluttering your home and your life.
Keep going!
The opportunities that come from getting to the other side of your mess are huge.
Lovely Information by: Mind Body Green

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