Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Things, Big Steps

Oh I know I've been MIA for the past week.
 But that is over! For now I'm going to ramble on about this week coming up! 
Now, I'm getting notes and little things together to start up my weekly hangout! 
Today is going to be a lot of reading and planning fir these hangouts. 
I've also been doing some of my own de-cluttering of the back yard. 
I really want to get the garden back up and going so I'll share a little bit as that I go along with the progress. 
As for the hangouts I plan to have weekly for The Cleanse Hub 
is going to be about anything that involved cleansing your life, from in person to social media.
IT'll be a great way to expand my confidence and break more outta my shell, while 
I learn and get to interact with all you guys more!
Before the Madness

For the backyard, I'm gonna gut it! I really want to start fresh! 
Since I'm eating more and more veggies I have a good size back yard, 
now I just need to get back into it. 

That's about all the Rambles for today! Thank you for being awesome!

Want to have more updates about cleansing your life,
Join us at The Cleanse Hub!

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  1. I can't wait for the hangout and every thin you are doing <3 ♥♥
    thank you sharing around the world ♥♥♥

  2. I am Soo Stoked for these Hangouts!!! YES!! #TheClaesnseHub

  3. Nice post....I need to start eating healthy too :-)

  4. Nice post Sara, looking forward to these hangouts!

  5. [ Smiles ] I wish you the best of luck with your Google+ Hangout.

    And, it is also a great idea to do a cleanse and to eat in a healthy manner!

  6. This sounds like fun! You're keeping quite busy over here.