Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Reasons Why Cleanses are Vital

It's surprising the amount of people who think and believe cleanses are bull shit.
No joke, in those exact words people don't think cleansing your body of toxins
doesn't do anything for you.
 I don't know, but all I do know is I can share
 5 reasons on why Cleanses are Vital,
especially if you are planning to drop some pounds or tone your body.

Everything we put in our mouth touches and affects the walls of the stomach, small intestine and colon. When these substances are toxic, they damage the intestinal wall and cells, intoxicate the nerves and glands and can be absorbed through the walls into the blood and lymph and ultimately to the cells and tissue. These substances also cause inflammation and damage leading to disease, abnormal brain and nervous system behavior.-Hacer Bozkurt, IMD

With a Cleanse
  1. Helps your dissolve all toxins and congestion that formed in your body.
  2. Cleans out your kidneys and digestive system.
  3. Purifies your glands and cells throughout your body.
  4. Relieves pressure and irritation in your nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
  5. Keeps your skin elasticity regardless of your age.
Man I could go on!
There's a saying, You are what you eat. Now if hearing that is a good thing, then good for you!
But if your thinking to yourself on how it's a bad thing, then you need 
to change and what is a better time then now with a cleanse?! 
Change your diet, start eating clean. And I don't wanna hear excuses on how it's to expensive to eat healthy. You cannot tell me that because you are per say "Broke"
 your willing to let your body go to shit before you even get to live? 
No no not on my watch.

That is all for now! 
Comment below on your thoughts of cleanses, 
do you think they are good, or bullshit?

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  1. #NotOnMyWatch!! I Love That Cleanses are So Important, Especially when youre about to embark on a Weight loss or Healthy eating Plan. Because Your Body will be able to Adjust better to the New Healthy Nutrition you are going to be giving it. Forgoing the Cleanse is like adding New Oil to a Dirty Filter..

  2. [ Smiles ] Cleanses are viral, because most people have a genuine interest in being healthy.

    Lovely post, Sara.

  3. Thank you Sara for sharing this info :) it is no bull shit <3
    great post !!~~

  4. Thanks! Always wondered what all the fuss about cleanses was. Great info!