Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet Random Rambles

Oh sweet sun. Sorry I haven't written in a week. 
One thing I know for sure is no matter how much I love the looks of Washington state I could never live there with all of that cloudy-ness. 
Being stuck in a house with no transportation on ugly cloudy days just doesn't suit me well.

During this cloudy lock down madness, I have been up to date with my journal. 
Did any of my readers get their journal that I talked about a few posts back? 
If you have, have you been writing daily? 
I find it to be a fantastic way of clearing my thoughts out and help relieve some stress.

I also have some cute photo's to share of Stella in her tutu!
 Boy I gotta get a tutu for every day of the week that's for sure. 
Golly that kid is growing so fast! It's already time to think about school. 
My heart is set on her going to a Waldorf school. I'll be making an appointment to go to the school and get info and all that fun jazz.
 Second choice is a Montessori school near us. They are having a little event this Saturday, so my mom and I are gonna head over there and see how it is and Stella can have fun on the moon bounce lol. I also want to home school Stella. Either when we get our own place so she can have her own room to study either way or when she gets older. 
The Waldorf school goes up to 5th grade here and the Montessori goes up to 8th grade. So either way I will be homeschooling her if we stay in Florida. 
Future I wanna be in Vermont and she'll be going to the Waldorf school there. 

Ok well enough of my rambles! 
How was your guy's week of weather? Was it gloomy, or not? 
Share in the comments below! much love.

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  1. very cool you are going to home school your daughter. weather up here was cold and snowy :(

  2. Awesome I Love These Last Few Days, I didn't notice the weather! LOL #STELLA is Cute #TuTus4Lyfe