Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lazy Day? I Think So

Today is a cereal type of morning and a chill out lazy day. As I am typing it is pouring out. I wanted to make sure I got a blog out today just little bit more adventurous than this but hey it is what it is. Maybe later, but for now Stella and I are going to relax. She'll play her house while I play a little Destiny. Then read, write, and who know's what else. Have popcorn, which Stella is in love with by the way, and watch a movie. Something Stella friendly so thankfully I've been dying to watch Hero 6. I hear it's super cute and fun. 
It definitely will still be a productive day. I still have to do my classes and read many more blogs, but other than that I don't think I'll be on social media much today or my computer at that.

 So here's some cute pictures of Stella.

What do you do on lazy or rainy day's? 
Do you still stay a bit productive or shut out completely?
 Like to read, or watch something all day?

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