Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How I See Myself.

 I see myself living along the beach having many acres each way. I see myself a successful entrepreneur making all the money in the world and retiring at a young age. Me taking on the world full force with nothing they can do.
Having all the education I want and desire. Being every ones inspiration, knowing that I am not the only one who has the potential to make things the way you see and want them.
Me holding classes for people to learn how to break off and get on their own and be successful. My career of everything I've learned has sky rocked! I am now one of the most famous photographers, even got my own page in the NYT and NatGeo ;)
 I am the reason why people don't give up.
 I now have written my own book, NYT best seller! I hold my own art parties in my Manhattan apartment.
 I am one of the most talented hair stylist and tattooist in the Florida area moving my way up! I take vacations around the world learning more and more about different cultures planting millions of gardens world wide.  I am taking classes in Egypt to have a Ph.d in Egyptology to study the art and archaeology of ancient Egypt.
 Back at home I go to all my Visalus Parties and just keep rising ! I help people loose weight and gain money in my company.
 I am able to take my family anywhere. I am able to provide for my sisters and get them the education THEY desire. I can get my parents their dream homes ! How awesome is that!
I have ALL the time in the world.
So do you!

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  1. You are such an amazing young woman! I am so excited to see you unfold this amazing life you have mapped out!