Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taking advantage.

So this week has been kinda tough and disappointing, but its really just an eye opener in so many ways :)  So what I have decided to talk about today is opportunity, chances, and many other things. Well, some of you may know I lost my job, at first I was in shock, pissed, sad, mad, some more shock, some more pissed lol. Plus if you saw my status at the time, yeahhh. Then that day actually got better and better with each second. I realized that this moment just open many different doors then before. I had a choice to be either mad about it or really happy. I chose to be happy and thank my job for giving me this great opportunity to explore many different things. I mean it isn't too fun not having any money at the time but i know I can make it work this is giving me a chance to start from scratch and find something that my heart desires not what people want. One of my moms friends wrote "Remember: Those who do not currently match or align with your energies will leave your life - friends, lovers, jobs etc. However, new connections and opportunities that do resonate with your vibration will appear in divine timing. This is a basic law of physics. Trust the process. ♥ ~ Kirk Nugent" I thought to myself, "Self he's right." I couldn't stress about something so little. My message to everyone out there is that, this type of stuff happens loosing jobs, loved ones, friends its all an eye opener to many different things it will be a bumpy ride but have some courage and faith and it will be exactly what you wanted. Take advantage of these moments and run with it.

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  1. I really love this entry, it is so difficult to get the whole picture and realize that Happiness is the final result. I am blessed to be the Mother of one so Wise!